Mouth Of The South - Hollow Veins (Clip)

Facedown Records nous partage le clip de Mouth Of The South qui se nomme Hollow Veins. Vous pouvez voir la vidéo et les paroles à la suite du post.

Paroles : I know this has come back to me. I opened the doors that have led me here. Face to face with the devil. I've been fighting these demons for the last few years. I?ve grown weary. Struck down and worn out. Turn the page once more. I placed myself here. I let them lead me to the slaughter. Step by step into this living hell. I let them slide the noose around my neck. When they chained me I sat still. Dancing with the devil I am plagued with disease. Fill my veins with your blood, spark my pulse into a beat. Purge this poison from my veins. I?m calling them out. Every demon that I?ve faced, every devil that?s held me down. I'll spew you because I?m tired of being warm. And my home is not this storm. I?m through with you. No more darkness, no more shame. Turn on the lights, give you no place to remain. Your hold on me is no longer here. Have you forgotten that I dwell in the depths of your dark and filthy heart? I did not merely force my way in, I found an open door. I left and came back to discover your hollow veins, so I made my home. I know everything about you, I know everything about you. I know. Your secrets and the things you do when you think your alone. I live in the shadows you create; you?ve made this place into my home. I let them lead me to the slaughter. Step by step into this living hell. But as I cry out to my Father. My strength begins to swell. Your lies are replaced with the truth. This heart was never mine to give. I may have opened the doors. But now I choose to live. Dancing with the devil I?ve been plagued with disease. You?ve filled my veins with your blood, sparked my pulse into a beat. Bind the host, shine your light, give them no places to hide. Go to hell, dark passenger. Back to where you came from. Go to hell, dark passenger. I stand with heaven as a child of the king. Go to hell.

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