Le rock de Showbread revient

Le rock de Showbread revient

...sous deux chants du même nom : The Pig.
Vous me demanderez alors pourquoi mettre le même nom à deux titres différents ?
Et bien, le groupe l'explique dans un de ses blogs myspace (voir le texte en anglais si dessous).
Bref en attendant d'en savoir plus sur l'album Anorexia - Nervosa, prévu mi-mai 2008 sur le label Tooth And Nail Records, écoutez, sans trop vous poser de questions, les chants The Pig.

Ci dessous le texte explicatif:
When a track starts to play, begin reading the corresponding chapter. When you come to a Time Marker (0:00), that marker will suggest approximately what time the current track clock should be when the reader arrives at that line in the story. This may require you to read quickly along with the pace of the music or taking pauses while the music expounds upon an instance in the story.
THE PIG: to the tune of "The Pig (Anorexia)"
7Anorexia was gathering rocks at the foot of her tower when a voice startled her. It uttered no words, instead it loosed a deep, stinking hum coming from somewhere within the throat. She turned with her arms full of stones to find a pig waiting beside her ladder, standing upright, smiling. She had decided to ignore the pig and make her way back up the tower, but the pig stopped her by holding a hoof out in her path. The same nasty hum came from somewhere within the beast as it stroked her cheek with its muddy hooves.
0:32  5"It is time for rest," the pig crooned greedily. "Rest for the weary. Even the hardest of workers deserve a little indulgence now and again."
14"I am not weary," Anorexia shot back in annoyance "And I will not be detoured from my efforts for the sake of indulgence."
 5"If not for indulgence," the pig growled angrily, a horrible grin creeping up its jowls, "Then it shall be for decadence instead." Having said this, the pig wrapped its knobby arms around Anorexia's waist and lapped at her face with a slimy, foul smelling tongue. Her arms full of rocks, she could scarcely maneuver out of the pig's clutches.
2:39 Suddenly, a beautiful melody came from the pig, it had begun to sing. Towering over her now, groping at her, pulling her closer, the pig seemed less dangerous and more appealing. The song sounded more and more pleasant and Anorexia couldn't help but wonder what would become of her if she gave in to the pig.
3:12 19It was when this thought crossed her mind that something occurred inside her like a lamp being lit in a dark room. In that moment the song was no longer the sweet melody it had been just seconds before, instead she heard only the horrible, ear piercing squeal of the excited swine.
3:43 9With all her strength, Anorexia hurled her armload of stones down toward the pig's feet where they met with an awful crunch. The pig collapsed on broken legs and went on flailing about in the dirt, coughing up blood and defecating from its mouth and eyes.
4:31 19Calmly, Anorexia gathered the stones a second time and ascended the ladder. 6:5
A suited gentleman from a huge organization visits the center on a Friday night. The man commends me for the good work I have "begun" at the Center and enquires as to what my long term, developmental goals might be. I note with some reluctance that I am being a bit standoffish with this man, being well aware of some kind of agenda. Then the offer is on the table, the man proposes to buy the Center on behalf of his organization in order to merge it with a larger facility and provide more for the patients. He assures me that I will remain in control and that this is sincerely in regard for the children. His eyes run over my body and he compliments this act by disguising a lewd quip in the guise of a sophisticated compliment. By saying all this, he insults my work and belittles the means that I have to provide for these kids. I do not need his money or his piousness, so I send him away empty handed.

 THE PIG: to the tune of "The Pig (Nervosa)"
13Nervosa had lost all sense of night and day. Deep within her burrow, the path etching side to side as it tunneled deeper into the earth, she had forgotten what the light of day had ever looked or felt like. She had also begun to lose depth perception and could not determine how far she had dug or how much farther to dig.
0:20 She simply went on digging, clawing away at the soft, wet mud and clay and scratching feverishly at the gravel and stones until her hands were numb with pain and her blood filled the tracks in the dirt.
1:04 When something made a noise just below the layer she was unearthing, she hardly noticed until it became a low, gurgling hum. 1She slowed briefly and her eyes came back into focus, discovering two beady black eyes looking back at her.
1:32 Hoisting itself up out of the mud on gnarled limbs, a large pig now towered over Nervosa. 18She felt weak and hungry for something, anything. The pig eclipsed her now, rising up over her like an enormous spider, squealing the ear-piercing siren that every pig is capable of.
2:07 To Nervosa the sound seemed at one moment to be coarse, and the next very lovely, like a sweet song, until she could no longer determine what she was hearing and whether or not it was the squealing that was lovely or the song that was abrasive. 11They weaved into one another until they became one and she noted faintly that the weight of the pig was now upon her, its tongue running over her eyes and lips.
2:24 Nervosa and the pig, now tangled, sank deeper than ever before into the mire. 14:38
A Friday night, I dance out on the top level for the first part of the night then I get moved to the back room on the killing floor to give private dances. There is a small PA system installed in the back room and leather seats and mood lighting. When I go in this dark, brooding man is waiting so I dance for him but midway through he reaches out to me so I remind him there is a rule against touching the girls and I'm having trouble finding a rhythm because the animals outside the door are screaming over the beat. Guy reaches for me again and this time I jerk away and he stands up, angry, and he hits me in the face so hard I fall backward against the wall. Then I'm eclipsed by his shadow and the music is still pounding and I try to scream and spit up some blood and a tooth but I don't think anyone outside will hear me cause the scream gels with all the shrieking animals and who knows it could be a good scream.

Le texte est tiré du blog "NEW SHOWBREAD SONGS POSTED... " du myspace de Showbread.

Voici deux versions de l'album: Anorexia - Nervosa:

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