Sever Your Ties signe cher SolidState Records

Du Rock-Métal chez SolidState ! Eh oui, vous lisez bien : Sever Your Ties vient de signer chez le sous label, musclé, de Tooth And Nail Records (= SolidState Records).                

Venez écoutez un morceau de leur EP, mais aussi de leur album à venir, sur leur myspace. (Pour en savoir plus sur ce fameux album à venir, ainsi que sur le groupe, regardez un peu ci-dessous) 

L'album: Safety In The Sea
Il sortira le 8 juillet 2008. Il est produit par Jeff Schneeweis (qui a aussi produit Number One Gun). A ce jour il n'y a aucune pochette annoncée mais la liste des chants composant l'album nous est déjà dévoilée, et la voici:

00. Don't Fear The Reaper
01. Voice Like A Nova
02. After A Storm
03. Hand In Hand
04. This Is What You Get
06. Captive
07. Drifting
08. Things Are Better
09. To The Pacific
10. Here I Am
11. Ashamed


Le groupe: Sever Your Ties 
Il est composé de Dustin, Sean, Justin, Michael, Patrick & Philippe.
Voici un peu l'histoire du groupe (Texte en anglais, tiré du site de SolidState):

Southern California has a knack for bringing chart topping pop acts soaked in surface level appeal, yet lacking in humility, believability and most of all, faith. The men of Sever Your Ties are not the typical Southern California product. Comprised of six best friends, Solid State Records’ most recent discovery is more than just a young band intent on proving themselves and finding success. Rather than aiming for the top of the charts, Sever Your Ties instead targets the hearts, minds and emotions of those who are willing to listen. This noble approach has brought the band immense success, a strong fan base, and the ability to spend their nights picking their fans up, spreading their message and living their dreams.

Choosing to stay close to home for the recording of their Solid State debut Safety in the Sea afforded the band the necessary time to craft their ideas, melodic themes and lyrical jaunts into full-blown songs and statements. Safety in the Sea, produced by long-time friend and fellow SoCal native Jeff Schneeweis (Number One Gun), finds the band digging deeper into their influences to present a cohesive, emotional and sincere record that all six members always knew they could, and would write.

"I think for us the focus was pretty clear from the very beginning of this recording: write songs that try to bring back some of the rock influences we all share without losing the aggressive nature of what we do normally. We are a band who takes pride in our live show, but more importantly, our message. We set out to write a record that would show both sides equally." Influences as far reaching as Elvis Presley to as current as Thrice show through in the songs from Safety in the Sea. These songs make you pump your fist in the classic tradition, but at the same time make you realize that you are not alone in any situation, no matter how desperate or trying it may seem.

"I've always written about pretty personal subjects…relationship stuff, stuff involving the everyday struggles I go through as a man and a Christian. But I hope that all the songs are ambiguous enough that everyone can find their own meaning in my words. We aren't in this band to make money, we are in this band to connect with our fans and hopefully have the opportunity to help someone."

Safety in the Sea is a monumental leap forward for a band that has barely begun its career. The record is a leap forward from the past; a leap forward from the clichés and the common. It is a rocking, aggressive, emotional testament to humility, believability and most of all, faith. Safety in the Sea is the record Sever Your Ties were called upon to make, and for all the right reasons.

Safety in the Sea, released on Solid State records, will be in stores everywhere on July 8th, 2008.

You can catch Sever Your Ties on tour supporting the new album Safety in the Sea this summer, including a spot at the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, Illinois.

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