Les paroles de Venia

Les paroles de Venia

Après nous avoir dévoillé le titre My Condemnation tiré de leur prochain album, Venia (Hardcore US) nous dévoille les titres de cette album.
Voir ci dessous.

1. Gentleman
2. Murder Is Your Name
3. The Hurting
4. My Condemnation
5. Strength of Heart - Ft. Chris of Death Sentence
6. Face The Facts
7. Focus
8. Time and Time Again - Ft. Kyle of Charis
9. Convictions
10. No Turning Back - Ft. Brian of Four Letter Lie

meaning: Gentleman was written about the struggle we have all faced with lust. The media constantly ambushes us with lustful images and misguided views of woman. We hope to one day be called gentleman.

Desperate for a meaningful love. What will it take to make this more clear, to keep from going one step too far? Something so beautiful, so precious. Defiled by a false and empty "love". Consider the view from above, is this how we're meant to love? No enjoyment in objectification, lustful pleasure is an aberration. Here we go again! How will we rise from this dust, in a world that is shrouded in lust? How will we rise from this dust? The grass is not always greener on the other side. The other side is tempting, but merely a fruitless pursuit. Nights of pleasure lead to lives of pain. So much time wasted pursuing what feels so right. And the taste of lust has never been more bittersweet. So many of us search for help in our hurting, help for our pain. Never again will I set foot on that ground. Never, never again! An endless bombardment of wrong perception, an endless parade of imperfection. Fueled by our transgressions, mankind has never been so wrong. I pray that You will call me a gentleman.

Murder Is Your Name
meaning: Murder Is Your Name was written about the slaughter of innocent infants in our society known as abortion. It really is sick to think about how many lives are thrown away to avoid an inconvenience of one's life. There are shocking statistics to the number of children murdered every year. Too many of us stay silent about this issue, so this is our call for change.

Why would it ever be frowned upon to keep a heart beating on, beating oh so strong? And if you ever try to put your fist down upon the unborn, murder is your name, I hope you're ashamed. 'Cuz murder is your name. And we will fight to their very last breath to give them their only chance, a simple chance to learn of love. Holding fast! Beat by beat, kick by kick, where is your heart, in this life we live? Beat by beat, kick by kick. Don't you appreciate the chance you've had to live? This is about all of the kids who don't have a chance to understand. Loved by the One, beginning and the end. Loved by the One, beginning and the end. This is about standing firm! Tell me you do this in the name of love, as millions die by your hands. This is about standing firm, and holding fast! An army united in love will make this last. This is about standing firm and holding fast! An army united in love will make this last. What would it take for you to lose this hate? What would it take for you to lose this hate? That you so dearly love. Figure out what you recognize as love. Then come and talk to me.

The Hurting
meaning: There is a certain problem that plagues Christian's in their walk, and that is becoming comfortable in their own Christian lives and not going into the world to share the light of God. We wrote this song about the Christain bubble, and as an encouragement to get out of your comfort zone to spread the word. After all, in the end it is all that matters.

Bravery! Bravery is relative to what you fight for. Cowardly is the only name that you deserve. Millions try to touch the world, but the world cannot be changed without His children taking a stand for what is right. And I dare you to take a stand in your own little sheltered world. We are called to gather with believers, but my fellowship is the hurting. But I am not afraid, afraid to say that I love the brokenhearted. The sick, the dying, and the nearly dead. With the grace of God above we can bring them back to His shelter. We must stand together. Arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, fully dressed for battle, trained and prepared as we run full tilt into the depths of the unknown. We must not rest until we reach the ends of the earth, and nothing can slow us down! Can slow us down! Action's what counts.

My Condemation
meaning: This song is specifically written in response to the actions of a church known as the Westboro Baptist Church. This church is full of false teachers and misguided views. These are the people who picket funerals holding signs saying "God Hates Fags" and "God Hates You." We want to make it clear that this is in no way backed by the views of the Bible, or by the teachings of Christ. In fact, this is the opposite of the main message of the Bible, which is the message of showing love to everyone, no matter who they are, just as Christ showed love to others. The actions of Westboro Baptist enrage us on all levels.

Don't compromise! I'm speaking directly to you now, you've become like everyone. Judgment-filled eyes, full of despise, whose side are you really on? This is not a fashion. Don't brand it if you're not ready to live it. Its about love and compassion. Don't use His name as your platform, platform for hatred. You've completely missed the message. Its people like you, who don't change a single thing. But not me, no I won't fall this time. I'm gonna live my life God-filled, hate-free. But know it's not too late, to turn this all around. No it's not too late, to turn your faith around. What have you done? There is no justification. In your false interpretation of these words. So pure, yet so misread, I can't believe the lies you've spread. You should be ashamed. This time around, you have tarnished His name. Polluting the very thing you say that you maintain. So let His judgment pour down, for they can't see through the lies that you have built around His name. You should be ashamed for the lies you've built around His name. You have my condemnation for the lives you've damned.

Strength of Heart
meaning: There are so many barriers built up that divide the youth of our generation. We must strive to tear these barriers down learn to love eachother, instead of tear eachother down. We can be our own worst enemy.

I swear we could tear down these walls! With the strength our hearts hold! The walls that mask the youth, let the Truth be told. In everyway, put forth your broken hands, and pick up your fellow man. With every breath you give, fight the hate in which we live. We will fight fear! With His words on our side. We'll keep Him here! With His message on our hearts. We hold a reason, we hold a purpose. Its time to stand for what he gives us. Do you hold a reason? Do you hold a purpose? Behind your so-called words of affection. I'm calling out to every single mind, let's overcome this time! But by love, we will maintain, together as one, under His wing. We will maintain, together as one, under His wing. Give it everything you have! I swear we could tear down these walls! With the strength our hearts hold! The walls that mask the youth, let the Truth be told!

Face The Facts
meaning: This song is pretty self explanitory.

This world is polluted with hate and greed. Why is it so hard to just face the facts? Society is a crying shame. But we all have a choice to make. Follow or lead the herd. Will you stand and make His voice heard? Society is a crying shame. Why is it so hard to just face the facts?

meaning: Focus was written out of personal experience. We only have our youth for such a short period of time, and much of our time we waste focusing on the bad and we lose sight of the good things of this world. We would encourage you to take advantage of your youthful years.

It's the weight of guilt that pulls me down to the ground, now it's time to cut loose all the dead weight. It's the weight of guilt that pulls me, that pulls me down to the ground. It's the weight of guilt that pulls me, that pulls me down to the ground again. I am sinking faster than before, losing sight of what I thought was golden. Yes, there is a time to mourn. And yes, there is a time weep. For He has made everything beautiful in its own time. But do not let your youthful years be swallowed up by pain and tears. Meaningless! Meaningless! I say again it's meaningless to waste time in bitterness. During the days of your youth, focus on what is righteous, righteous and pure. You'll feel the weight lift away. The weight of your transgressions. It's all about your focus! Dear God I pray every night that I can cut off this dead weight and get ready to fight. For guilt has no place in my life, I lift it up to you. Every praise, every sin. I lay them both down at your feet. Let us not waste away these years with earthly despair. Throwing away the lives you died for. If He can shed His blood, why haven't I shed my guilt? The cross before, the world behind. God, mold me to your will. I say again it's meaningless to waste time in bitterness. During the days of your youth, focus on what is righteous, righteous and pure. Righteous and pure!

Time and Time Again
meaning: I see so much potential in my generation. We can accomplish so much if we all put our minds to it, and work hard. I have seen so much potential wasted on our vices and struggles. We have so much potential, it is time to start realizing this.

We need to come to our senses before its too late. Our time is now, here we go! I never thought we could be so blind to our own demise. But it comes as no surprise, for I've seen this time and time again. Now its time to spark a change, a break in the chain of habitual behavior that has left my generation crying for help. What have we done to ourselves? We won't take this anymore, I swear this isn't what we're here for. Intoxication, fornication, a few of the plagues of my generation. They feed us lies, telling us that we're okay. But we're not, we need to look back to the truth. They feed us lies. They're wrong, they're wrong, for I see so much potential in the youth. To overcome, to overcome, everything that they've been through. For I see so much potential in the youth to overcome this time. They call for a dramatic social change. Listen up now, it's their time to shine.

meaning: This is basically our confession for leading our brothers and sister astray so many times. We are only human, we will fail you most of the time, for we are working on our issues daily. Jesus Christ will never fail you, put your trust in Him.

Where have I gone? So far where I stood such a short time ago, I'm returning home. I was nothing more than a walking contradiction of the ministry I dearly adore. But no more will I carry the blood on my hands of my fallen comrades. My fallen comrades, how could I do this to you? Do not look to me, I will fail you every time. There is but One who cares, and I swear I've blinded you from the light. I am searching for answers, of how I lost myself in the blink of an eye. And led your astray for so long, astray for so long. I was nothing more than a walking contradiction of the ministry I dearly adore. But no more will I carry the blood on my hands of my fallen comrades. For it's murder in cold blood. Murder in cold blood. But my name isn't the only one on the death toll. I took you down with me, and now I'm gonna pay with my life. I deserve this rope around my neck, tied to this millstone and tossed into the sea. But God, thank you, for mercy, hope, and grace. For my life was so hopelessly disgraced. But no, I will not pull them down any longer. I take full responsibility for my actions., I'm returning home.

No Turning Back
meaning: We all hold our own dreams and our own passions. So many times I have watched people put these aside to pursue what the world would consider the right path for them. Do not put your dreams aside for anything, follow them with all your heart, for you hold these passions for a reason.

We hold our dreams, can you make them disappear? I don't think so. This is burned upon our hearts and our tongues, this is our calling. No we won't do this for anymore, or any less, but to hear the words "Son, you have done well in my eyes." In my eyes, it makes it all worthwhile. All the sacrifices, the sweat and tears of the past years we've lost. Not a single dollar earned that wasn't turned back around. This is a business endeavor of a peculiar kind. Dreams are made to be followed! But they come with a price, we are ready to pay in full. This is what we have chosen over the common nine to five. Simply put, we won't turn around. So don't try to convince us otherwise. No, no turning back now. We have made a commitment, a pledge to follow through. With everything that we have started here today. This is not for ourselves. Dreams are made to be followed, but they come with a price.

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