Les changements de Twelve Gauge Valentine

Les changements de Twelve Gauge Valentine

On vous avez dit que d'autre info viendrai et c'est pour maintenant.
Une déclaration officiel de Twelve Gauge Valentine via myspace, voir ci-dessous en anglais, nous annonce que le groupe a pris son temps et a décidé de continuner. Néanmoins le groupe déclare que leurs nouvelles compositions sont bien plus mature.
Autre changement est le faite que sur l'album Shock Value on pouvait compter 4 membres mais sur les dernières photos officiel ils sont 5, voir ci-dessous.



Déclaration officiel:

16 mai 2008, 09:00



    Okay so first off this may seem as though we decided to break up and then decided against it or some other agenda may be at hand.. wrong.

    We, the current line-up that has been TGV for the past 2 years never once decided to quit playing music EVER. The entire idea and approach was once we started writing new material as this new band we realized it was coming along as nothing similar to anything TGV had done. So we made the decision with some others that pushed us along on the idea..that we should change our name and create a new image for ourselves within the new sound.

    Well we have been writing ever since the final TGV tour back in December we have 8 songs finished and a few more nearly there, drawing influences from bands we grew up listening to in the hardcore genre and others as well. It's more so what we've always enjoyed as individuals and it seems to fit us all as a band very well. I know I speak for the entire band in saying it is the best music we've ever been a part of ias individuals and we're very excited about getting it out to everyone. This time it's something we hold very personal and not just something to play simply to be playing. We are taking our time to get it all together at the best of our abillity and making sure we are fully satisfied with it before we decide to put it out there.

    Lately a lot of stuff has changed for us in our plans and we've made some decisions for the future of the band that will be a great new step for us we feel. I just felt it was way past time to explain our moves and ideas as a band. So in actuality TGV has never ceased we're still the same group and still writing music to tour on and release. We're just trying to reach a more mature sound that will be a bit different than TGV. Keep in mind we all loved TGV and everything created within it.. it's just simply time to take on something new. We really hope you guys can get into it and get as excited as we are about the new music and future of the band!

    On a final note we're still debating ideas on the name we may continue on as TGV we may approach this all under a new name.. still not sure on that. We have been doing some rough demos for us to hear and better our music lately but within the next couple of months we plan to get a few songs recorded and up for everyone to hear! Please keep watch because we are FAR from done playing music at this point.. Thank you to everyone who still reads this and keeps up with what we are doing here.

Twelve Gauge Valentine

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