Addition est dans la grande aventure

Addition est dans la grande aventure

Addition (sreamo hardcore metal US)est un groupe de Nouvelle Zélande jouant du screamo hardcore.
Formé en 2007, il sort en 2008 leur EP : To The Ends Of The Earth et se prépart à enregistrer un album en 2009.
Une chose est sur c'est que le groupe déchire, donc aller voir leur page myspace.
Plus d'infos sur le groupe ci-dessous.




1. Inability To Breathe
2. The Search
3. How Glorious, This Alteration
4. It's Only A Matter Of Time
5. Show Him Your Heart


Inability To Breathe

You're too busy, to see my hands
It doesn't hurt to open up your eyes
Your throwing your life away
I can't stand to see you do this to you're self
You step towards this lie, you call living
I can see you breath,
Fight deception
You say you'll find yourself without him
How can you be so blind
Wish you would see the light, and step away from you're old life
How long will it take you, for you to realise
Your moving faster, and time is running out
Break free, find his outstretched hands
You're worth more than what you feel you are
You won't let me help no matter how I try
You're choice's are running out, but I'm on your side
I can see your suffering, cry help me, cry help me
I can see your suffering
Untie this knot around my neck, transparent identity.
You're suffering, cry help me
What will it take to make you see that his love is true
When will you hand you're life back over to him

The Search

You're so alive
Let the wave's crash over broken shores, as we burn down
And fill this place up with your love
We persist to ignore your whispers
You've come so far, you've come so far
A mile away from what is
Press on
Spell it out this time, tell me what you have to say
With heavy hearts will never, well never
I know, I know
That when you cut the silence I'll be home
I know, Im home
It's all for you
Its broken, Its broken, you sold your soul
You, you take me home
Come back home, come back home
Still on these sky lit wings we lay, when all the rest is gone
You'll never, give up on me
You'll never, give up on me
Restless, come find me here, Come
Every-time I start to come crashing down
You're there to catch me
You're there to pick me up And we'll fall asleep in your grace tonight
Search him, embrace his love, search him find home tonight
I can't turn my back, I will see this to the end
Oh is this everything that you want?
Let him in, Let him in
I can see the end, I can see the end

How Glorious, This Alteration

You'll find out, just what you're looking for
There's got to be a change in this life because your warmth is unsatisfying
You're choice is crucial, be aware of what you let into your life
These choice's are overwhelming, you've chosen
The very thing that you should be running from
Is this your alteration, and does it feel any different?
Step toward this bright salvation
Grasp it, hold it
I can see the water, slipping through your rugged repairs
It's not safe out there yet, push on
And hold together, what you have left
Hold it together he's trying to break through
You will see the fault in your fabric, you've sown in
Pray for help, pray for a way out of here
This ones for Jesus
Now you can see that is not a wall
Its just a curtain, it's blinding you from the truth
Give it all you have left
Suffocating, you got to break this off your life
because I hate to see you crumble with all these broken peices
You'll find out, just what your looking for...

Its Only A Matter Of Time

Where are we heading? what have we done to come this far?
Right now, speak up, I want to hear your voice
I am not a silhouette of your imagination
I'll never forget, this place is filled with regret
Give me something, to hold this life together
I know its hard to say these words
Maybe some day I'll be more than words to you
But for now, I'll be waiting with loving arms
I will, I will
Scratch together, these broken pieces they don't fit right
Your attempts to replenish are hopeless
Reach the surface, open up your lungs and breathe me in
Now I've become, more than a whisper to you
Take my hand walk with me, I'll walk with you
Now set your eye line high and speak to me
Maybe some day I'll be more than words to you
But for now, I'll be waiting with loving arms
I will, I will
I am power over wind and waves
I am power over wind and waves
The flood is coming so gather your air
Give it to him before its too late

Show Him Your Heart

Show Him Your Heart
Watch him light up your footpath, bright leave this old life behind you
You're mind is so clouded, but you can see it so clear
While in this state, lift your hands to him
Surrender your heart so he can see right in
These chains that hold you, let them go
Allow the river to flow in this place
Now as it's filling up let the arrows get washed away
Don't you realise your looking in the wrong place's
It burns so much, to see you fall apart
And now it's time to show your heart and receive your salvation
Your coming home
I will be, forever by your side
I have seen, your lovingness
Is this feeling something to hold on to, on to
Just slip away from everything that enslaves you
You wont find freedom, there
Cry you're eye's out, leave this old life behind you.

Hope you enjoy them.
make sure you learn them all so you can sing along with us.
Love you all

Intitullé It's Anly A Matter Of Time.

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