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Dark Lay Still se fait comprendre

Un doux piano très mélodique qui semble écrire toute une histoire, ... c'est une bonne intro pour Dark Lay Still,  ce groupe de metal/ blackmetal. Deux nouvelles chansons sont à écouter sur leur myspace, Angel Of Light et Kings Of Old. En parallèle, les paroles des chansons disponibles sur leur myspace sont ci-dessous.
a psalm which speaks of legends

the cords of death entangled me
overcome was i with sorrow
sheol came upon me
and i was afflicted
but precious, in the sight of the Lord,
is the death of His saints
oh Lord, truly, i am thy servant
you have cast off my chains

bow down
fall to your knees
and look away lest you be blinded
revert thyne eyes lest they melt from your sockets
fall upon your face and feed upon the dust of the ground
dare not to raise your head high, the Lord comes
we are like sand before Him
and our feeble flesh melts like wax
in His presence our will is crushed by His
and yet He lookes upon us with love
like His own children
down down storm the gates
hell cannot withstand the fury of the Lord
and heaven cannot contain it
we are the servants of the Lord
in His spirit we create legends
and one day
all of our souls will be loosed from our flesh
and we will judge the angels

white blades through black hearts

there are screams in the wind tonight
demons to your left and angels to your right
forget all that you were taught to feel
erase in this moment what you thought was real
darkness creeps in and pierces the night
but angels stand behind you, robed in white
these legions of angels draw their swords
and raise a cry to the approaching hordes
one after another, the sons of pride
fall before angelic steel
white blades pierce black hearts
still they blaspheme the Lord's name
even in the midst of defeat their hearts are hardened
and their dead keep to themselves
leave not one standing
let not one be left alive to bury the dead
the battle belongs to the Lord
in Him is our victory

war cry

fighting with the king by my side
he is lord over all the lands
i feel the light,the heat
from this sword held in my hands
broad and tall, these shields we hold
long and sharp, our blades
one more demon headless now
as blood, like rain, cascades
i try to look them in the eye
to watch them breath their last
they look away because of light
from He who stays steadfast
i feel no pain from these small wounds
their swords are made of wood
even cold steel can,t make evil triumph over good
our king He charges toward these gates
that are as black as night
crushing all that's in His path
with satan in His sights
He's screaming out His war cry
from holy, perfect lips
this juggernaut repeats with every demon throat he rips
your time has come now lucifer
no more will you tell lies
you can not hide yourself, satan from my all-seeing eyes

angel of light

the brightest of angels
haunting beauty masks your ill intent
satan, deceiver, your pride is an infection
your eyes burn beautifuly with hatred
your carrion heart is as cold as winter's chill
spread your furious wings and take flight to deceive the earth
heart full of terror for your time is short

kings of old

the kings of old
were set apart
with a burning desire
and a warrior's heart
on the things of God
they loved to dwell
the only things that could save them from hell
but times have changed
that life was hanged
they no longer love
that from above
the kings anew
perverse at heart
'tis now the common that must be set apart
follow me brethren
we rise against the tide
from the forces of darkness
we shall not hide

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