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Le groupe d'Aaron Sprinkle : Fair (rock indie alternative US) avait enregistré en décembre 2007, puis sélectionné les chants en 2008 et il devrait sortir son deuxième album en fin 2009.
Le communiqué du groupe, en anglais, ci-dessous.
lundi, avril 13, 2009

Humeur actuelle :Informative!
So we've been getting a lot of email and messages and what not about when we are finishing our new album. We've said 100 different things about when it will be done, so we understand the confusion. So here is the official word on where are currently at with the record:

- We started recording in Dec 2007 and had a great batch of 25 or so songs to pull from
- We chose 12 to 14 to record and made significant headway during Dec 2007 and then again in a few different chunks of 2008
- At multiple points we thought we were going to finish, but because of scheduling conflicts or other reasons, our lives, jobs, etc... didn't allow us to finish during 2008 as we'd hoped.
- The latest you've heard is that August 2009 is the projected release date for the album... BUT! That will no longer be the case. We are more than likely looking at a late 2009 release, but can't make any promises.

...The thing to know is that we are working as hard as we possibly can to get this done. But, we are perfectionists and aren't going to turn in an album to our label that we are not 100% satisfied with. We are about 90% done - so we're close! But this last 10% is the most important to "get right."

...The most important thing to know is that we are beyond excited about these songs. We think you're going to love this as much as we do. We've tried lots of new things, kept some of the old Fair formula, and come up with a record we know we will be very proud of.

We are still blown away by how many of you still listen to The Best Worst-Case Scenario so frequently. It's been encouraging to know that it's at least stood the test of time for 3 years :-), and that you all still enjoy it.

I know this was wordy... But you are all such loyal fans that we figured we owed you a solid update on where we were at with recording. Keep in touch as always and we'll talk soon!



Source : myspace de Fair

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