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Après seulement trois mois de présence au sein du groupe de hardcore Néo-Zélandais Saving Grace, leur ex-nouveau batteur Simon Power quitte le groupe et rend sa place à Ben Davidson. Simon a pris cette décision après s'être rendu compte des diffultés de vivre dans un groupe en résidant à 8h de distance de ses compères. Déclarations complète et en anglais ci-dessous.


After an extremely short stint with Saving Grace, drummer Simon Power has parted ways with the band.

There are no hard feelings or bad sentiments from either side and we wish Simon all the best down in Wellington and with any other futuer musical endeavours.

"The decision to depart was purely based on Simon not being prepared to commit to the time, finances and touring involved with Saving Grace especially when all of the other members are 8 hours away... things got hard in terms of job leave, writing and rehearsing.

We thank Simon for all the time and effort that he put into SG especially during the Misery Signals tour and Easterfest 2009 in Australia."

After filling in on Tuesdday for Simon (due to an injury) on the band's support with Cancer Bats and Bring Me The Horizon, Ex-drummer Ben Davidson has now returned and will appear on Saving Grace's upcoming tour dates across New Zealand and Australia throughout July and August restoring the 'Behind Enemy Lines' line up.


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