Showbread en passe de finition

Showbread en passe de finition

Showbread (hardcore rock US) vient de finir le mixage de The Fear Of God. Il faudra attendre le 1er juin pour en savoir plus. En attendant voici (ci-dessous) quelques photos studio du groupe et un peu d'Histoire (en anglais).


tomorrow could be the last day of mixing... if not then, we'll finish early Tuesday.
it's kind of surreal. listening to these mixes... this record is so different but so familiar, i think it has been waiting for its time to come. we are very excited. we really believe this is Raw Rock at its purest and best ever.
oh, and if you haven't seen Terminator Salvation yet you are doing yourself a great disservice. I felt like I was having a flashback to my ten year old self who was obsessed with T2 like nothing else mattered. we were giddy, cheering kids in the theater. it was a wonderful feeling. and if you're not a huge Terminator nerd, you'll still enjoy the movie.
we'll be making some announcements on June 1st about the record.



four days of mixing left and then another couple of months before the record comes out. we were sitting around the other night at bible study reliving the insanity that we swam through to get to this point.

-started "official" writing in january, member status became unstable
-canceled a march tour because of the status problems
-lost our footing in february with an unexpected lineup change
-made plans to fill the void with a studio drummer and held auditions
-brought in someone and sent them home within 24 hours, they later went on to slander us on the internet
-started talking to our friend jordan, made a plan
-the plan fell apart when jordan's schedule became an issue, talks of pushing the studio back several months came up, all kinds of differing thoughts and ideas within the group
-made an insane swiss cheese plan that was terrifying and went for it with nothing but blind faith
and then here we are, months later, listening to the best Showbread album ever made. God is good.



we're nearing the finish line of tracking with 6 days left before we'll begin the mixing process.the amount of days we've spent tracking has always been pretty varied:
Life, Kisses...: 4 days
No Sir, Nihilism...: 18 days
Age Of Reptiles: 5 weeks
Anorexia Nervosa: 5 1/2 weeks
The Fear Of God: 15 days
we haven't ever really needed the large amounts of time we've spent on some of our records. this time around is the shortest ever tracking period since Life, Kisses... and it's worked out amazingly. the four of us plus Jordan worked SO well together that we just cruised through everything with amazing ideas and awesome takes...
borrowing from the "In Utero" recording technique, we recorded the entire band live and did minimal overdubs unless we deemed them necessary. and we're finally making a record we've been wanting to make for years.
at this point we've only vocals left to track and we're feeling great. i can't wait to hear the finished product.

Source : Blog de Showbread

Merci à Rachel pour l'info !

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