Ethan Luke et Don Clark quittent Demon Hunter

Les deux chasseurs de démons alias Ethan Luke (batteur) et Don Clark (guitariste) ont décidé de quitter le groupe Demon Hunter (hardcore métal rock US). La décision n'a pas été facile mais Ethan nous explique tout dans le communiqué (voir ci-dessous). C'est désormais un certain Patrick qui le remplacera.


To The Demon Hunter Fans

Some of you may have heard that I, along with Don Clark, have decided to step down from Demon Hunter.  This decision, in no way, came easy.  When I joined Relient K in March of 2008, I knew that there might come a time when I would have to do this.  At that point I did everything possible to be involved in both bands.  The tough part was that Relient K was so full time, I had to back out of certain shows and events with DH.  Missing some shows here and there seemed ok at first, but after a while, I felt like my time with DH was growing shorter.  A couple months ago, I was supposed to meet up with Ryan and Patrick in Philly for a rare acoustic performance.  At the last minuet, I had to cancel.  I felt terrible about having to do this and at that point, I knew it was time to figure some things out.  I talked with Ryan and our manager about the DH schedule for the rest of the 2009.  It turned out that there was nothing I could make it to…shows, photoshoots, recording…etc.  At that point, it was time to step down.  I had an amazing talk with Ryan about the whole situation and made it official with He and DH that my time was done with the band.

To my brothers in Demon Hunter, Ryan, Don, Jon & Yogi & our manager Downey…Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making the last 4 years completely unforgettable.  I am so proud to call you guys friends, proud to have been a part of this band, proud to have recorded The Tryptich & Storm The Gates Of Hell, proud to have played all over the country with you guys, proud to be able to call Seattle a second home and most of all, I am so proud to have been a part of something that has brought so much joy and hope to so many people.  Hearing story after story from fans is what made me want to make my time both bands work and not want to ever step down.  Thank you for everything!

To the fans…You guys are the reason this band exists, the reason they write, record, tour…etc.  Thank you for embracing me in this band for the last 4 years.  Every one of you has had an impact on my life as much as you have told us the same.  I loved going on the road with DH and being able to interact  with all of you.  That was one of the best things to look forward to when touring.  Please keep supporting DH because regardless of Don and I leaving, the focus and heart of the band stays the same and that it what makes Demon Hunter what it is.  If you get the chance, please come out to a Relient K show and say hello.  I know a number of you have done so already and it means the world to me!  Keep it up!  Please support Patrick taking my spot.  He is an AMAZING guitarist and, as some of you have seen, he fits the band perfectly!  I can’t wait to be in the crowd with you guys the next time DH plays Nashville.

Obviously, this does not mean I will never see or talk to these guy again…far form it!  When RK goes to Seattle, the first thing I do is hit up those dudes.  I’m sure Ryan and I will work on album packaging in the future with my photography.  Either way, these guys will be in my life for a long time to come!  So, thanks again to everyone involved in DH for making the last 4 years of my life something I will never forget!!  I will wear my DH tattoo with pride, knowing that it stands for much more than a band I played in.  Thank you.

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