The Stand balance le hardcore

The Stand balance le hardcore

The Stand nous balance un bon gros hardcore bien violent et attend gentiment le 23 septembre 2009 pour voir la sortie de leur premiers EP You Know Your Name... mais vous n'attendez pas cette date pour vous faire plaisir, car le groupe a posté 5 titres sur leur myspace et il y a pas mal de détails sur l'EP et le groupe ci-dessous.

1. This is hardcore (3:12)
2. Humbug (3:15)
3. Nietzsche is dead (3:34)
4. Our Father (2:20)
5. You know your name (2:40)
total :15:01


1- This is hardcore


playing the tough guy, breathing selfishness
you talk the same shit to the same guys in the same places every time
spitting on this world, words are useless
pride life family
there is more

when everyone think they have the answer
It's been brought for so long
But it's such a fun game to play the blinds
Crying like babies, are we still able to learn ?

Hardcore more than anything
More than anything
This is not a useless word
Seek in the depths of your heart
Scratch the surface
Kick out the fear
and stick to your guns

love that fucker
don't fear humiliation
never count, give what's yours
the man gave his life

This is hardcore

02- Humbug

i know you so well
your shadow is mine
and when everyone's gone
i stay and you feed me

i'm you and you're mine
messing with your mind
i'm you and you're mine
and i'm going to burn you to the ground
i have so many names
known by everyone
i have so many names
do you start to understand ?
i've fooled you and it's too late
you're all sons of pride
and you'll never change

We will fight back
Nothing can arm us anymore

03- Nietzsche is dead

Hundreds, thousands, people in the streets
Burning flags and throwing stones.
Shouting at the men in blue, they can't see they've already lost.

will never bring any change !

will never bring any peace !

Don't you see
You will never be your own god
All your so-called heroes are dead
Keep repeating revolution
and let starve your brothers and sisters

Justice is coming
To all of us
No matter what we do

04- Our Father

Our Father, Who art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.

Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.

This is our stand
This is what we believe

Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.

05- You know your name

You know your name
But you don't know yourself
Stop playing that double game
You don't even live inside your head
Brainwashed, Jekyll & Hyde
and seek and face the fact that even a mirror can't tell the truth

Take off that mask of flesh of your face
Leatherface is dead
This is the birth of a new man
You know your name
Now start to know yourself

To know yourself

Because maybe you know where you from
what you're doing
but maybe you need to check the core of your own
that red piece of meat we call heart
And no matter what they said

the longest path a man will ever take
is from his brain to his heart

you know your name
now start


It's time to break that useless skin
and finally understand
this is the fight of your life
and it's only the beginning

you know your name
your name


Where hate, anger & despair meets, The Stand has chosen to breath positivity. With the will to bring a sensitive message, though provoking, never compromising on their beliefs, they still dropping questions in the game. This is what hardcore is all about & they taking it to the point. Providentially brought together, this five piece hardcore band hails from Lausanne, composed of 5 members coming from the 4 corners of the "frenchy" sweet Switzerland. After a year of rehearsal, The Stand has begun to play a few shows as rookies where they already hit Germany & a few places in their home country. They entered the Chaos Room Studio (Jona Nido from the metalblade records signed band The Ocean) in september 2008 to record their debut EP "You know your name". After almost a year of chaotic production, the band is proud to release their work. No matter where you're from, what you believe, what style or genre you're labeled, they're willing to meet, share and clearly bring hope that is breathing into their hearts. Nothing more, nothing less.




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