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Take It Back publie les paroles des 2 dernières chansons de leur album Atrocities, Hollow Eyes et The Prodigal Soldier. Vous pouvez les lire ci-dessous.
Hollow Eyes

From the window of my middle class home
I watch a man as he sits alone
On the dirty streets
The cardboard under his feet
Screams about all his cold nights spent alone
People pass but no one seems to notice
His empty hands hollow eyes broken soul
And his need need need for just one person to care

So which of these words will brings him comfort
Cause it's sympathy not empathy I feel
But is it real
As I sit and watch from I suburban castle

Living a life I'll never know
I see a man walking through the snow
For this lonely man
The picture in his hand
Are all that's left of the life he used to know
The time goes by but no one seems to notice
His empty hands hollow eyes broken soul
And his need need need for just one person to care

And now I realize
That all of this means nothing without action
I will not just sing
I refuse to just sing songs about how hard life can be
While others lead lives that are more difficult than I can imagine
I will be a source of light in this dark world
A catalyst in this stagnant generation
I will use love to overcome this world

The Prodigal Soldier

there once was a boy I knew
a heart so full of light
in a world only preaching darkness he held it all inside
the only one true innocent in this guilty generation
he walked a lonely dirt road with no one to hold and nowhere to call

he walks the streets at night (all alone)
with a cold steel 45 at his side

a little brother,
a worried mother,

a burdened father says to his son

"no acceptance,
you'll find no acceptance"

oh courageous one
you're life’s worth so much more
then to be thrown away
for someone else’s war
and as he pulls the trigger
his humanity, gone forever

and after all these years,
there's still something there

my tortured friend,
please come home soon,
where you can finally,
rest your weary soul.

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