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My Epic est en train de composer de nouveau titre. Le groupe devrait entrer en studio fin mars / début avril et prévoit de sortir son second CD au début de l'été.
Communiqué, en anglais, du groupe:
Two weeks ago we began the formal phase of making our second full-length record. Ever since "I Am Undone" came out we have been doing our best to write, but that record took a lot out of us. We have been writing and practicing as often as possible between touring and loving our neighborhood but it has taken a while to get the tanks full. The plan had been to be in the studio in February to do a late spring release but now it looks more like we will be in studio late march early April with a mid-summer release date. When it comes to writing two things have always held true for us. We don't get things done without a deadline and we cant control when the spirit creates in us. Thus making a record is a terrifying and faith producing event. About 90% of the time we write it's the most frustrating part of my day. There are very few things in my life that I continue to do even though they frustrate me 90% of the time. And yet for the last decade of my life I have stolen almost every free moment to pick up my guitar or sit behind a piano. Every day I hope that today will be the day that we write our new favorite song. And on most days...nothing.
So after our last tour ended we made the decision to carve out large blocks of time over the winter to write this record. The holidays stole a lot of time so two weeks ago was our first real chance to get away and begin getting our heads together. Jeremiah's wife, Meggy, had arranged for us to get away to her aunts mountain cabin for an extended weekend. At the last moment we had to change plans and we ended up staying at a lake house owned by friends of her family. The place was really gorgeous. We set our stuff up in the living room in the basement and got to work. Truth be told, until this weekend we only had one song finished. We were (and are) super stoked on it but its been closing in on two years since we were in studio with "I Am Undone" and that's all the progress we had to show for it. We were starting to feel pretty antsy. That's not to say that's all we had written but the rest is tons of parts and unconnected riffs and melodies. So when we get together its like starring at a table full of thousands of puzzle pieces unsure of how many of the pieces even go to this puzzle and wondering where the rest of the pieces are hidden. We started writing early Saturday morning in two to three hour increments with small breaks in between which mainly consisted of naps, playoff football, and Meggy's homemade meals. After two days of constant writing we found ourselves with two new songs and a ton of new parts and ideas. Things are looking really good and we are feeling very encouraged. There is much more to come but till then keep praying for us. There aren't many details we can give you yet but there is a definite feeling that "It" is happening. We can make one promise; we wont release another record unless we are completely convinced it is the best thing we have ever done. Come Quickly!

-grace and peace
the boys

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