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My Epic en plein progrès

My Epic est en train de bosser sur leur nouvel album.
Communiquer du groupe (en anglais) extrait de leur blog myspace :

Hey Everybody,
Four weeks ago we got away for our second weekend of writing. Thanks to our good friends David and Daniel Kemp, formerly of The Coliseum, and their wonderful family we had amazing lodgings in the backwoods of Burlington, North Carolina. This weekend was special because both Meggy, Jeremiah's wife, and Brooke, Jesse's wife came along. We had a real sweet set up. The Kemps gave us their guest suite over their garage, which, had its own living room, and bedroom and we used a practice space they had built for the Coliseum. We got to work early Saturday morning. Jesse and Brooke could not make it till Saturday night so Jeremiah and I wrote alone all Saturday. Which was just as well because we usually write together first before we all get together. I usually like to rely on a huge goodie bag of riffs and ideas when we get together to write but I didn't have a lot of new material to draw from so I was walking with a lot of faith that the Lord would grow something new in us. Saturday turned out pretty fruitful and by the end of the day we felt we had a lot to show Jesse. Saturday was actually Meggy's 24th birthday so when Jesse and Brooke arrived we all went out to one of her favorite restaurants for dinner. It was, as always, a great time. Some days I can't believe how blessed we all are with each other's friendship.

Sunday we met early to read the Word together and pray. It was a short but sweet time and we all felt encouraged and as though something was welling up inside of us. When we were almost done Jesse said he had one more verse to share with us. But before I tell you what he said I have to tell you a story to put it in context. On our release tour for "I Am Undone" I lost my shoes in Joplin, MO. I know that sounds like the sort of thing that happens as a resort of hard partying but I promise you this is not the case. (I thought they were in the car, they weren't). So I was barefoot for the next month and a half and throughout three quarters of the country. It started a trend and we were all barefoot most of the time. So in Seminole Texas, one night Jesse was using the bathroom when he saw something scurry across the floor. He thought it was a scorpion but he couldn't see where it went. A minute later while trying to locate the mini beast Jesse felt a sting on his foot and saw it running away. He trapped it in the trashcan and showed it to the promoter. The promoter said he couldn't be sure but that he thought Jesse would be ok. He told him if he felt weird he should tell us. This happened 5 minutes before we played our set. I was literally on stage setting up my gear when Jesse said "Dude, I just got stung by a scorpion". I said "are you ok". He said "I guess we will find out" and he started setting up his drums. He was, and the show went well.

So at the end of our little worship time Sunday when Jesse said he had another verse he would like to share he read Luke 10:19; "I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you". He closed his Bible, smiled, and said, "I have fulfilled prophecy". Brooke jokingly said she was tired of hearing that verse but it was a pretty awesome moment.

Anyway I tell you that because the first song we worked on this weekend was the second song we have written with the baritone guitar. It's really heavy so we gave it the working title of "Scorpiontreader". All in all we wrote all Sunday and Monday together and got a lot done. We got a lot done on three songs. One was the aforementioned "Scorpiontreader", as well as a song we call "Folk" and another we call "Shane". Shane and Folk already feel like the one two punch to end the record but we will have to see. Shane is real slow and groovy and the ending is intense in a way we have never done before. It's easily the slowest song we have ever written but I mean that completely in a tempo sense. Folk is the first idea we had for this record. The beginning riff is very folky for us but the rest feels like new territory. These two are currently at war for my favorite songs but that changes daily. Overall the tide is definitely rising and it feels as though we have turned the corner in getting this record done. Please keep us daily in your prayers as we labor to write this record and truly desire to please the Lord in all we do

More updates coming soon.

grace and peace,
the boys

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