Focus sur Audiovision

Focus sur Audiovision

Christian Liljegren (ex-membre de Narnia et actuellement membre de Divinefire) est (aussi) le chanteur de Audiovision. Le groupe vient tout juste de sortir (le 23/04/2010) l'album Focus sur Ulterium Records. Vous pouvez écouter les titres Invitation, Keep the Fire Burning, We Are Not Alone [version sampler] et The Son Will Come [version sampler] sur leur myspace. Présentation de l'album et les paroles ci-dessous.

01. Invitation
02. Keep the Fire Burning
03. We Are Not Alone
04. The Son Will Come
05. You Are the Reason
06. Fruit of Love
07. We Will Go
08. I Will Belong to You
09. The Way
10. The Gate
11. Focus

Line-Up :
[de gauche à droite]
Olov Andersson [Grand Stand] - Synthé
Thomas Weinesjö [Veni Domine, Saviour Machine] - Baterie 
Christian Liljegren [Divinefire, ex-Narnia] - Chant 
Simeon Liljegren [Modest Attraction] - Basse
Torbjörn Weinesjö [Veni Domine] - Guitare

Paroles [des 4 premiers titres] :

01. Invitation

Don't you hear the wake-up call
I've got some news for you
Gimme a minute of your time
Listen to the Father's voice
He's calling out for you
He is the keeper of the truth

Don't be afraid
It's really worth a try
‘Cause He will never let you down
He has an offer
That no one can refuse
And His love goes on and on

You're all invited
Invited to the party in the sky
You're all invited
Listen and we'll give the reason why

Yeah He's been around
Since the day that you were born
And He has been there by your side
Giving you a promise
You'll never walk alone
Just take a step into the light


02. Keep the Fire Burning

Try to run, try to hide
I'm alone in the dangerous zone
I know it's hard, it's a fight
Time to leave yesterday behind

Memorize the word of God
I know it's the best way out
Through the shadows, into the light
I'll see the truth of my enemy's lies

We meet temptations
Don't fool yourself
We meet temptations
On and on and on and on again

Keep the fire burning
Always on the edge
Help me not to fall
Keep the fire burning
Race against our time

What is wrong? What is right?
Give me strength, I can't sleep at night
Pressure strikes harder, I go insane
Feel like I'm losing the game

What are the reasons, don't have a clue
Troubles coming, one day I'll be through
So many things, I don't understand
Keep me calm, Lord take my hand

03. We Are Not Alone


Killers on the run
The truth is far away
Tell me: What have we done?
So many out of hope
Cry in the night
Tell me: Where is the light?

Into the fire
We'll never give up
You show me desire
You know your time's running out

We are not alone
We're marching on
With Holy Ghost's fire
We are not alone
We're marching on
Deceiving the liar

Demons got a grip
His kingdom here on earth
Tell me: How can we win?
We're killing mother earth
Can't hold on no more
How long will it last

04. The Son Will Come

The world is offering gold for everyone
But nothing lasts forever, that's for sure
Come drink the water, the water of life
It will save your soul, it's a holy cure

Listen to me
Be careful with your heart
Lock the door
When evil comes around

Time's running fast and we can't slow it down
Yeah the Son will come, yeah the Son will come
Time's running fast and we can't slow it down
Yeah the Son will come, yeah the Son will come

I know the fire, the fire inside
When the Spirit leads the way, I know I'm right
I was a traveller searching everywhere
Searching for the truth, prepared to fight

Source : Bands On Fire

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