ex-means & ex-saints of surrender = Continuance

ex-means & ex-saints of surrender = Continuance

Continuance vient de sortir son premier album : Carry Ourselves (le 27/04/2010 sous Rise Records). Vous pouvez écouter deux des titres (Over the Years et As You Break) via le myspace ainsi que voir la présentation du CD et lire les paroles ci-dessous.

Line-Up :
[pas d'ordre spécifique] Dylan Johnstone - Chant [ex : Means] / Max Hatlem - Guitare [ex : Saints Of Surrender] / Stephen McGillivray - Guitare [ex : Saints Of Surrender] / Tyler Lebamoff- Basse [ex : Saints Of Surrender] / John Saad - Batterie [ex : Saints Of Surrender]


-1- Unsustainable
The gavel to sentence many to poverty and desperation is in our hands. As we slam it down the sparks ignite. Their very lives the fuel consumed for our convenience. To clothe our backs with blood and hopelessness. With the sweat dripping from their brow. We fill our cups and lift them up as we drink to conquest. Work every finger to the bone in hopes of finding our place. Amongst the highest thrones unreachable. Ignoring the counted innocent lives that are lost. Dont question the rhetoric forced from the airwaves. Take no steps to clear your mind. Ignore the counted cost. Ignore innocent life lost. Ignore injustice. Our hearts and minds so numbed to the point of distaste for the truth. Cowards eyes will turn away from pressing issues. Is this name worth the lie it has become. Will this cause justify the crime it has become.

-2- As You Break
Under the threat of tragedy and sudden pain for endless seconds your world is still. As if waking straight out from a dream. Whether frozen in time or taking time to process all thats racing stirring within overcoming all reason. In this moment of disbelief i wish i could be there for you. My heart is skipping beats while yours is barely hanging on the picture in my mind of you is too much. That haunting ring, unnerving. Amplifies the nervous tone of worry. How can i stand here doing nothing. When trees are crashing all around the wind picking up and slamming them down. When the running tide is rolling you out. Erasing minutes from memory in the panic while you are draining your strength just trying to free yourself from the dead weight thats pinning you down. As the remedy betrays the beating force of life inside of you. Its hurts to see you so helpless and be so helpless. When you needed us most how could there be no one around. We are fragile we are frail at times like these. We have no control over our bodies it seems. With tired eyes i can see your face as your spirit is crushed beneath the strain. Through thousands of miles i can only hope my voice will carry. Hold to hope take to flight though you've been broken by this weight dont let die your fight. I am not the wisest of all men but i pray my voice will carry to your ears as i sing for you to hear. Please stay strong now please dont lose sight for we need eachother to live through the night. If i could give for you my life i would so take this song and be well again.

-3- The Greatest Need
Cant we hear the hurting they are asking where is there good in this world. We've seen it in print but there's no one to show it. Will you understand you're not the only ones who suffer. And suffer we will the cutting wind has its way of killing hope when its so cold. We wonder as we sit around could we be meant for something greater. There's no hope for change when we cant see the needs of others before our own. And now must our faces be set as stone always forcing us against eachother. So let us be the first to stand and say but not as if we were faultless that we cant move on unless we forgive. We can forgive. We have to let it go. Its the arrogance we have to let it go. This is our greatest need. Will we reject the ones we see who have the greatest need.

-4- No Compass
Our charted course is lost the stars are veiled but you are leading us onward. Blindly fullspeed in to the fog ahead. The darkness grows as the night consumes the dawn. Your promises split over the rocks. With calloused hands we grip what weapons we have found. Kept from your eyes and your mind by your arrogance all of this time. While we've learned to steady our sights. We have seen of your last best hope the trail of decline. We have heard of your good news but what of the poor we continue to oppress. What love what grace is this that takes but never gives. What shame what rage is this that builds within the chests of those who have been held down. The beating of our hearts is felt throughout the earth those who can see then believe. For with each breath and beat regardless of intention propelling recklessly toward the end in sight. We must take what time we have finding small ways to perpetuate changing waves. With one resounding voice we speak of the aching in our bones. This violent sea is not the home we know. It falls to us who's steady hands will guide us on.

-5- Ever Leaving
I guess it comes and it goes as we give and take we push and pull. At the end of the day i'm left standing out in the snow with so much circling through my head. The cold air will answer none of these questions running through my head. I relentlessly pose to it not a whisper not a sign just the whistle in my ears from the wind. As i continue to cut the ties the war inside pitting dream against dream. Its confusing for you i'm sure while i try to decide if its worth the compromise. Where are you now and what do you have against me. Churning water keeps time for the nerves inside i will do what i can to keep them from freezing over. When i thought we had what you would expect to last. Through the dreary hours awake and the chill of the tired nights. There is little to be said sometimes if feels like were righting past mistakes and we're striking a new chord. Seems like we're falling in to place but time is running out. Though i regret leaving you behind there's always someone else and the rain only brings me down. Maybe we just dont belong. I'm ever leaving and leaving this behind.

-6- Swept Away
Is there a first time you can remember the structure of life it fell in to chaos. And standing alone you were face to face with uncertainty your bare feet sticking to the cold floor. The shrill raised voices echoing of rusted tin escalating through those burdened walls. That was the last time you felt at home. On a cold night when sound sleep and fair dreams should have kept you warm in your bed. You were standing restless staring in to your own eyes that for the first seemed empty losing light with every second. Who is this young man and will he ever understand. Exactly why his world was changed that night or how do you come back from this. Where everything seems strangely distorted so far away from love. Who is this young man and will he ever understand. One night this night was it the night that you were swept away to that deep dark place. Now how will you get back or will you ever be the same.

-7- Over the Years
What with virtue i had set out to destroy My own wanting hands let it live Now with the onset of its will against me I will not back down but i cannot let go. So i confine this beast to the darkness Confused. Contorted beyond any recognition With two faces its master both loves and disdains. I've seen this picture in my mind Its growing clearer with every day spent in neglect. It tells of the lonely road i've walked With so many days behind me wasted I have been lost i have been far off. Far from the man i used to be far from the face i used to know. With each frame growing closer to the end that has plagued my mind i've always feared. But never thought that i would become. And as i've tried over the years to find anyway to make my heart right One thing has been clear for me to see. I dont have the fight inside the resolve or the conviction. When all my days are spent what will matter in the end Regret will build my name if i dont change my ways.

-8- No Assurance
Once again we are found staring into the void screaming what is to become of this life. Hope engages fear within our restless minds as we struggle to reconnect and redefine. Guarding in our hearts these tests of time. Untangling ourselves from this crooked world with no assurance no fall back if we're left to die. We will not die alone clutching to riches as we sink as the storm swallows all the brass and gold. So keep your white washed black heart. We would have the truth taken from the broken ground. Though we make lack the strength with compassion we will carry ourselves. Carry each other through this hell.

-9- Once We've Seen
I rise to find that all my thoughts have been pushed aside by a spreading fire. Is it time that clouds my mind i watch everything i love turn to ash as i discover. Stories left untold by young lives taken before their time. Millions more of these once bright lights shimmering are poised to fall tonight. Their cries lifted in to heavy air have they not carried to our ears.

-10- Beneath The Concrete
With this life of mine how can i help to make this a better place for you or should i even try. As i stumble through the shadows i have created for myself in this atempt to reconcile. The song that we once knew by heart and memory has all but completely slipped away. ‘til we remember not the tune only a single phrase remains but somehow we know. Its been terribly misused or miscontrued. I can recall words that lept from pages once alive but now lying dead on the table. Is there a way for this life to be revived to repair a fractured faith or did it need to die. But we know there's something here thats worth rediscovering. If we can break through the concrete to find whats growing beneath. Could it be the rescue of all growing beneath the rock and the stone. Though we are the unlikely and the least we will break through the conrete to find whats growing beneath.

-11- The Dream Within
With this dream in your heart but no place to call your home. No doors have simply opened up to you for you to choose which one to step through. But now there's pressing time and pressure from every side wearing at your peace of mind. Should this not have been an easy choice. Follow your dreams they told you but dont fall out of line. Out of step with the pace you were meant to run. And dont forget with everyday you wake they will watch your back. They'll watch your every move its overwhelming the expectation to fit in. But you cant forget with everyday you waste it eats away. You had no intention of being a greedy man. With a young mind you'll upset a world gone mad with a lust for success and the burden of perfection. If you can remember your hunger for truth take heart. Speak from your heart let your actions show who you are. Dont let this frigid life starve out the artist in you. Take heart. This dream within will carry you through. defend your passion remember your youth. take heart. There's no one who will take it for you. wake now face the day finding your strength let the light permeate the grey. defend what you love remember your passionate days.

-12- We Arm Ourselves
In an age when so many words mean nothing we're not just speaking for the sake of making noise. We call to broken spirits and to open minds to voices who refuse to be silenced. The hope of life on our tongues as we search for a better way. Rummaging through the wilderness and the waste of our dying days. Little is found here worthy of rememberance. No glory in the scarred hands and aching backs with which we persist. Bound now together straining eyes for sings of shelter from this raging culture. Relentless overfed unconcerned. From atop the mountains thick clouds of smog descend choking out what promises the least of us had left. With the broken in the streets we arm ourselves we wont stand alone in this life. Where serpents and angels alike will strike your heel. Lay down your shackle and chains before the iron teeth. By their refuse we resist.

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