Owl City change de style

En effet le titre Fireflyes de Owl City [pop electro US] vient d'être remixé par le groupe hardcore belge Beautiful Dying Day : écouter le morceau via leur myspace.

Déclaration de Beautiful Dying Day au sujet de Owl City et du titre remasterisé Fireflyes. [source : blog myspace Beautiful Dying Day]

My opinion of Owl City - mercredi, avril 28, 2010

Hey guys!
So, this officially has nothing to do with Beautiful Dying Day, but it was just something I was thinking about earlier and wanted to mention...
So I've heard a lot of people who like our version of Fireflies say something to the extent of "this is great! Owl City sucks!" I kinda wanted to refer to the latter half of that comment. I don't know if people actually think Owl City is bad or not, and I'd just like to take Adam's (Owl City guy) side of the argument for a minute, and make a good case for him; because any self-respecting musician wouldn't do that for himself/herself- it looks tacky. ;) (I've had to stop myself from defending myself from criticism a couple of times)
I'm obviously a musician, and do more than just Beautiful Dying Day. I play 10 instruments, and all sorts of genres (including a little bit of Owl City's genre), so needless to say I do know quite a bit about music as a subject more than just riffs and screaming. I was listening to some of Owl City's stuff recently (yup! I like it :P) and it's actually really dense stuff. I don't mean that in the negative sense, but there really is a lot going on in those recordings! (That made it that much harder to cover the song) There are at least 5 different synth effects with separate melodies in most of his songs, some of which are doing small things no one really even notices, unless you are listening for them. A lot of thought has gone into those songs, and they're catchy. Really, as far as popular music goes a lot of it has to do with how catchy it is.
I personally don't really respect Lady Gaga, for example, as a musician (unless I am misinformed about the following) because she does not produce her own music, etc... A lot of a solo performers do not write or produce their own music; maybe the lyrics, but not much more than that. Take Madonna for example; her albums changed drastically from one to another because for practically each one she changed producer, and producers do a lot of the work in that kind of songs. (Madonna, is a great performer however, as I'm sure Lady Gaga is)
All that to say; give Owl City another chance if you think you dislike him/them, because I really almost got sick of them at one point, then I just listened closer to the songs, and I understood them on a new level!
On the other hand, if you don't like that genre to start out with, then that's fine too :P
Have a great day!
Parker- Beautiful Dying Day
ps- I just typed that really quickly, and am quite proud of myself.

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