Aidez BandsOnFire à survivre

Aidez BandsOnFire à survivre

Le site Bands On Fire est plutôt en mauvaise posture ... plus de détails ci-dessous.


La situation

Tobe (alias Tobias Reiss), propriétaire et rédacteur en chef de BANDSONFIRE.COM a investi pas mal d'argent et de temps pour créer le webmag.
Ce dernier à même fait un prêt à une banque de 5000 euros pour créer BandsOnFire. Inspiré par Come&Live Records celui-ci demande de l'aide pour rembourser cette somme avant la fin du mois d'août. S'il ne peut pas la rembourser il devra se consacrer à plein temps à un boulot pour rembourser ce prêt et donc par conséquence Bands On Fire fermera.

En quoi cela nous conçerne, nous français ?
C'est simple, Bands On Fire, bien qu'étant anglophone, fait un travail considérable pour actualiser chaque news d'album (pochettes d'albums,  track-list, biographies, photos officielles, crédits, paroles, etc.). Ces différentes infos sont souvent reprises sur Beehave en raison de leur fiabilité.

Faire un don

Pour soutenir Tobe, rendez-vous sur

Photo de Tobe prise au MetalFest 2009)

Texte officiel (en anglais)
Hello friends,
this is Tobe (pronounced Toby), owner and chief editor of BANDSONFIRE.COM - full name Tobias Reiss (pronounced Rice). I live in Nuremberg, Germany and in July of this year I will turn 27. As most of you know, I've been running this website since 2005 completely by myself. For the last five years I was responsible for everything you saw or read on this website, and for more than six years I have made it my first priority to not only keep this website online, but to also have it grow as much as it was humanly possible for me.
In this timeframe I have sacrificed a lot for the site and because of the time that it required to keep BandsOnFire growing, I did not go the standard way of apprenticeship or studying. Instead of going for a full-time job or full-time study, I put all my focus on building up BandsOnFire and worked part-time jobs, very similar to how many touring bands do it, only with the difference that I couldn't meet any people on the road like these bands that I was promoting did. Trusting that my work with BandsOnFire would help you all in your personal lives, I put all my money and time into the work for the site throughout these years.
If you remember my status update from October 2009, it was necessary at this point - not to say 'long overdue' - to find a new webmaster to get to the next level with BandsOnFire on the technical side. Even though I have since then found a very qualified and dedicated helper, it was not yet possible to make the progress towards the re-launch of the site that was needed. The plan was originally to present you now a completely new designed and new structured site, to show what you can expect from BandsOnFire in the future - but unfortunately this couldn't be realized and was beyond my control. Because of this situation I'm now looking for a new front-end web developer that is not only 'on fire', but can also invest time working on the site with me immediately and on a long-term basis. If you feel like you are this person, or know someone to be qualified for this, please contact me!
Writing the year 2010 now, I'm at a point you could very well call „at the end of my rope". I have tried my very best to bear the financial burden of running BandsOnFire, always putting the intention to serve you all with the site as my first priority, and trying to keep the site as up-to-date as possible. Throughout the years I've had financial expenses that can be equated with education expenses the majority of you have respectively have had to pay as well. The only difference is that I won't ever make enough money that can pay back those expenses, simply because BandsOnFire is not a business, but a ministry with no financial income.
To make the project BandsOnFire a reality, I had to take out an interest-free bank loan a couple of years ago. This amount of 5000 Euro I need to pay back until the end of August 2010. If I can't pay it back in time, I will get charged additional interest rates starting September 2010, which would essentially be "money thrown down the drain", since I wouldn't have to pay those interest rates when paying back the loan in full before the end of August 2010.
Since my last status report, there have been labels like Come&Live! and bands like Showbread, who have been successfully raising funds for their ministry work. My hope is, that if a label like Come&Live! (who I've been heavily promoting on BandsOnFire) or one single band like Showbread can raise such amounts of funds, then BandsOnFire should be able to as well - considering that we're not dedicated to only one label or genre, but to the whole scene with all its different genres, bands and labels.
If we can't raise the amount of 5000 Euro by the end of August 2010, I will be forced to give up BandsOnFire entirely and work a full-time job to pay back expenses made for a work that didn't benefit me personally in the first place. That's why it really is Life or Death for right now.
My request therefore goes out to every single one of you who has ever benefitted from BandsOnFire in one way or another: Please help to keep this site alive and make it possible that not only I can keep serving you with BandsOnFire, but that it will also be possible that more people can get involved working on the site in the future, so we can serve each other for the sake of the advancement of the Kingdom of God!
If you should think now, "There should be enough people out there that can donate, it's not my responsibility", then be advised that this is the wrong approach. The question is not if you can donate, the question is if you want, because in reality we all can if we really want to. If every visitor of BandsOnFire would donate, then the goal could easily be met. The question is only: Do you want to keep BandsOnFire alive? Do you want to see the site growing to a point where we can meet your needs and (music-) tastes even better? I know I want to see this growth, and I hope you do too!
Before I tell you how you can contribute financially, I wanted to make sure to let you know that if BandsOnFire was lacking coverage of certain bands or genres in the recent past, then this was not on purpose. If anything, leaving out certain bands from coverage was only the result of lack of health and finances (and in turn available time) on my part; and because of the technical limitations of the current site. However, from my work these past years you know how much I care about the visual and content-related aspects of BandsOnFire, therefore you can be sure that the new site will bring everything to the next level in terms of usability, design, and everything else that we all find important regarding our personal favorite music.
Taking a line from our current front-page feature, I pray that I can work together with you so that BandsOnFire (which right now is "the powerless Reiss" = me) may become "The Powerless RISE", so that Jesus may be glorified!
Please save!
In Him alone!
Tobe On Fire


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Qui sommes nous ?

Créé en 2007, Beehave est un webzine de rock / métal dont le but est de promouvoir des artistes chrétiens.

Le site est géré par une dizaine de bénévoles venant de tous horizons, partageant la même passion pour la musique.

Nous essayons, en fonction de notre temps disponible, de chroniquer les albums qui nous sont envoyés, de nous déplacer à des concerts pour réaliser des live-reports et des photos de concert, et de publier régulièrement des news et vidéos, permettant de découvrir de nouveaux artistes.

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