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The Famine (metal death metal US) est entrain d'enregistrer un nouvel album. Ci-dessous le communiquer du groupe (en anglais).

Communiquer The Famine - source blog myspace
Thoughts on the new release......
We are done recording the new record with Braxton Henry and its being mixed by Jason Suecof as I write this. Undoubtedly, this
record will be a defining moment and drastic departure from TRATR, with
a darker and unnervingly heavier tone and pace of anything we have ever
done. Completely unhinged, I believe because of the anger and emotions
we went through over the past year. I feel that we accomplished what we
set out to do as far as this recording was concerned considering all of
the obstacles that were put in front of us. Andrew, Nick-Wayne, and Jon
out did themselves in the studio for sure. Nick-Wayne is a dynamic
singer and really let his balls hang out on this one. Jon gives us
back-bone that we really wanted to open up the tone and depth of our
sound and Andrew came to the table with his A-game for sure and did
exactly what I knew he could do. You will hear stuff on this record that
you have never heard before, no kidding. It sounds pretentious, I know,
and I hate talking about a recording that you guys have not heard yet
because it sounds like typical platitudes that every band says about
their new record being heavy and what-not. However, those of you that
know us know that we mean what we say. Having said that, we had a crew
in the studio recording everything we did for posterity sake because of
what im about to tell you. What we did on this record is US. When you
listen to metal these days it has become evident that it has gone to the
bad place with all the editing, quantizing, and digital manipulation
done that takes otherwise good bands and polishes up their records and
makes them all shiny perfect clones of each other. I dont want any part
of that. Dont get me wrong I dont want a sonically bad record and there
were a few areas that I power f'd a fill or had a timing issue to
correct, but performance wise, what you hear is me. I love the fact that
you will hear quirks and variations the way you you would hear them on
an old Carcass record or Pantera record. Many people may not care that
much about this stuff, they may just want a mean record, I just know
that this will mean a lot to the people that do care about the
legitimacy of a band trying to be organic and real in a sea of clones.
Anyhow, I incorporated techniques and tempos that I had never done
before to try to best fit the mood and direction that the new songs were
headed. This record is hands down faster that TRATR, and coming from a
different place than our last record musically. I think the biggest
differences you will notice are the vocals and drums. Vocally,
Nick-Wayne is one of the most dynamic singers I have ever heard. His low
vocals are just horrifying and his highs are piercing. We will be
having updates coming over the next few days announcing the title of the
record, and the track listing as well as the vlog that was done in the
studio. it all should be hitting the fan soon. Bye for now......

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