Le Yearbook de Sleeping At Last (3/36)

C'est parti ! Le projet Yearbook de Sleeping At Last vient de commencer ce mois-ci. Nous avions déjà annoncé que le groupe avait l'ambition d'enregistrer 3 nouvelles chansons pendant 1 an. Voici les titres de l'EP d'Octobre : Homesick, Next To Me, et Watermark. Lire le Communiqué ce-dessous.

Yearbook officially begins TODAY!
We're so pleased to announce that "October," the very first Yearbook EP, is available RIGHT NOW!!!
To buy the "October" EP now, head over to: www.sleepingatlast.com

The EP costs $3 on it's own, or, as announced earlier, you can subscribe to ALL 12 upcoming Yearbook EPs for $30 (you save $6, and as an added bonus, subscribers get access to each EP several hours before they get released into the wild!)
"October" is scheduled to release on iTunes (and most other digital music stores) in roughly two weeks. Each of the upcoming Yearbook EPs will follow this schedule: Available only on our site first, followed by iTunes, etc. roughly two weeks later.
We poured our hearts into this first collection of songs and are just so excited for you to hear 'em. We hope you'll enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them. Here's some notes and highlights about "October"...
The track list is:
1. Homesick
2. Next To Me
3. Watermark

"October" Guests:
Stacy DuPree (from the lovely band, Eisley) was gracious enough to sing with us on, "Next To Me." She did such a beautiful job and we're so privileged to have her voice added to this toe-tappin' song. Catch Eisley on tour this Fall: www.eisley.com
We also had a wonderful guest string trio perform on the song, "Watermark"...
Joanna Hui not only played violins gorgeously, but she was also extremely helpful in getting the string arrangement we wrote prepared and on the page for her fellow string players. Quite a talented gal!
Jessica Hui played violins as well and played so beautifully! She even allowed us to record the strings in her living space!
Alex Kruser played cello excellently and gave the string arrangement it's sturdy foundation.
Last but not least, John Goodmanson mixed all of "October." The same talented gentleman that mixed our "Keep No Score" & "Storyboards" albums! (You may have also heard his work via: Death Cab For Cutie, Nada Surf, Blonde Redhead, etc.) Always a pleasure working with John - and it's no surprise that he did an excellent job.
A HUGE thanks to each of our guests for their incredible contributions to "October!" Lots more special guests to come throughout Yearbook - can't wait!
We'd also like to point out how much incredible work our pal, Chris Howell is doing to help us get Yearbook available on the web and off the ground! He's been amazingly helpful and is making sure our internet universe is alive and well. Thanks so much, Chris!
We hope you enjoy "October!" There's plenty more where that came from... (11 more EPs to be exact...) Thanks so much for your support, guys!
Ryan & Dan - Sleeping At Last
P.S. We're going to write about each of these songs in more detail soon on our blog, along with entries about all sorts of misc. stuff, so keep an eye on it all here.

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