Emery ... sur un nouveau label

Emery ... sur un nouveau label

We Do What We Want d'Emery (rock metal US) promet d'être plus brutal que les autres albums ! La preuve, le groupe vient de signer chez Solidstate Records (tout en restant sur Tooth And Nail Records). Plus d'infos ci-dessous.


Décalaration de Solidstate Records :
We'd like to officially welcome Emery to the Solid State Family! In conjunction with Tooth & Nail Records, Solid State will be releasing the band's upcoming album "We Do What We Want" on March 29th!
The album is one of Emery's heaviest and most uncompromisingly intense releases to date. “The overall vibe of the album is heavy, heavy, heavy. That's what we were going for; we wanted to see how far we could take it,” says vocalist/guitarist Toby Morrell. “We wanted to make this album the heaviest thing we had ever done, and I think we accomplished it.”
- source : news solidstate records -

Quand à Indie Vision Music, le webmag à posté un premier aperçu de l'album à lire ci-dessous :
Emery: First Listen. I am shocked at how heavy this new album truly is yet it's also very melodic at the same time. Emery has always had a very distinct sound and this album is no exception to that rule. They have a certain melodic sensibility that is tough to replicate (although many bands try). Imagine mixing The Weaks End/The Question with the screams of ZAO. No joke. "The Cheval Glass", "Scissors", and "You Wanted It" being an example of the heavy aspect of this album. The double bass feel of several of these songs is a killer addition. Don't misunderstand me, there are PLENTY of strong melodic rock songs on the album and the screams just enhance it's value as a strong contender for Emery's best work. I even dig the keys/synths in several of the songs. "Addicted to Bad Decisions" almost has a Weezer feel at the beginning. I would say the screaming has a taken a turn for the heaviest they've ever sounded on an Emery recording. I believe this Emery release pulls influence from every single one of their albums (Yes, even "I'm Only a Man") and dumps it all into one complete 10 track release. Those of you sitting on the fence on whether to BUY this or not, I would definitely encourage you to rethink your decision and be first in line to preorder it. It has all the qualities you've come to love about Emery and has so many different elements to "We Do What We Want" that it's truly set apart from all the clones, and sound-a-like wannabes out there in the scene. "We Do What We Want" is an inescapable dream of a record, meant to be lived through the music of Emery. On first listen, I am giving this a 10/10 and would highly recommend it to any fence sitting Emery fan pondering their next big purchase.
- source : news i.v.m - emery_signe_cher_solidstate_records_news_imagecachee

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