Debtor - Demo 2010

Debtor (hardcore US) vient de mettre en téléchargement ça demo 2010.
1- Last of All (1:50)
2- Bare Heights (1:57)
3- Through Death (3:29)

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Parole (source : blog myspace Debtor)

1- Last of All (1 Cor. 4; 2 Cor. 1, 4, 11) : Scum of the earth.  Every day in the trenches.  The fools of Christ scatter round the globe, disreputable, weak, and homeless.  They hunger and thirst.  They're clothed in rags.  They're like men sentenced to death.  Beaten, imprisoned, in constant danger, rejected and reviled by family.  When cursed and persecuted, they bless.  Struck down, but not destroyed.  Afflicted for your comfort.  For your sake we share the sufferings of Christ.  We always carry the death of Jesus in our flesh so that his life may be seen through us who are always being given over to death for Jesus' sake so his life may be manifest in this frail mortal flesh.  Death at work in us is life in you.  Life.

2- Bare Heights (Jeremiah 2, 3) : I remember the devotion of your youth.  How you followed me close.  So why...why did you turn away?  What fault did your fathers find in me to abandon me for these worthless idols.  They went after other gods.  Know and see it's evil and bitter to forsake the Lord your God, therefore my face is set against you.  The stain of your guilt is still before me.  Yet you say, "I have not sinned."  Though I broke your every bond, and though I burst your every yoke, still you look me in the eye and spit.  You say, "I will not serve."  How can you say you are not unclean?  Know what you have done.  Don't keep walking blind.  On top of every high hill and under every tree, my heart broke as I watched my precious daughter, my beloved's adultery.  Don't you know what it does to me?  In every place and way I watched as you betray me.  I watched you bow down like a whore.  Unrestrained, like a donkey in heat, your pollution and whoredoms.  Your whoredoms.  Unashamed, no remorse in your eyes.  Degeneration and delusion destroy what's left of your mind.  If you'd return, acknowledge guilt, lay down rebellion for faithfulness.  Mercy and healing are found in me.  I'd take you in if you'd just return.

3- Through Death : All this leads me nowhere.  Can't live in hatred of my own existence.  No reason to care is unreasonable and when reason's dead, I'm left with nothing at all.  Though this earth feels desolate, though I make my bed in the pit of hell, still your presence, it finds me there.  You're nearer to me than I am to myself.  How can I argue back at you?  Can breath you grant turn and curse your name?  All my life never felt at home.  You're the only rest I've ever known.  Humility descends like snow.  I feel my spite melt on my lips.  All my life never felt at home.  You're the only rest I've ever known.  Clamp my hand over my mouth.  I've spoken once, I won't speak again.  The more I question you, the more I fight, the more I find I need you just to breathe.  I feel the warmth of conviction pour back like iron into my bones.  And I can't shake the thought that you bore all the weight of my sin.  You shared my pain.  Every finger I point points right back at me.  Humility descends like snow, and I feel my spite melt on my lips.  All my life never felt at home.  You're the only rest I've ever known.  I know this life is yours forever, but will you be there when emptiness returns?  Will I stand firm?  In the flame of suffering, in the night of doubt, when the steel of hate slides through these ribs...will the sting of death be numb?  Seeing nothing all around, I turn my eyes to heaven.  Searched this earth for a shred of light.  I turn my eyes to heaven.  I'll follow you through death itself.....

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